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Symbio Kunstprijs 2023 - Symbio Art Prize CLOSED

Art can have an important role in society: art confronts, art can be a wake up call and art can encourage people to change their attitude or way of acting. Every year, the Symbio Foundation organizes an art prize to create awareness about the importance of the right balance of people and nature on earth. Art is thus used as a powerful motivator to bring about positive change.

The Symbio Kunstprijs is intended for talented artists in the Netherlands who work in (one of the) focus areas of the foundation: sustainable energy, circular economy and food without animal suffering. The foundation invites them to submit a design. Important assessment criteria are the relationship with the focus areas of the foundation and the degree of impact of the artwork. Read all about the foundation here >

Artists from all visual arts and design disciplines can participate, there are no requirements for a specific medium. It may be a permanent object, but it doesn't have to be. Sustainability and the degree of reversibility are paramount in the realization and production process of the work.

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Symbio Kunstprijs 2023 


For whom

The Symbio Kunstprijs is intended for talented artists in the Netherlands who work in one of the three focus areas of the foundation:

  1. Transition to sustainable energy

  2. Transition to a circular economy

  3. Changing our food system to an eating and drinking pattern without animal suffering


The design of the artwork or art project is not tied to a specific medium. The work is not necessarily a permanent object. We emphasize that we address this invitation to artists from various visual arts and design disciplines. Sustainability, circularity and the degree of reversibility are paramount in the realisation and production process of the work.

The foundation is now focusing on young artists to help them launch their careers in the visual arts. These are the generations that know they are going to spend most of their future dealing with all the sustainability issues at stake. Their perspective is therefore of great value in the route to a better world.

Collaboration with Oerol

The Symbio Foundation works closely with the Oerol Foundation. The winning design will eventually be presented and realised during the Oerol Festival, which every year takes place on the island of Terschelling. The assessment of the entries will take into account how and to what extent a design relates to this special location.


Prize money 

The prize for the 2023 edition consists of two amounts: an amount of € 7,500 as the artist's fee and a maximum amount of € 15,000 for the realisation of the artwork. The location and the moment of presenting the artwork/project are the responsibility of the Symbio Foundation. A budget must be submitted with the project plan, which includes detailed insight in the production costs.

Communication about the prize

The organisation of the Symbio Kunstprijs provides the necessary PR for the award ceremony. This can include a short presentation of the art project by the artists, the presentation of audio or a short film about the project, photos or video as visual support on the website and social media or press contacts around the prize.

Professional supervision

During the realisation process, the artist of the winning artwork is supervised by the Symbio Foundation and Oerol Festival.


Do you want to join? You can download the entry form below if you want to participate in this national art prize. You can e-mail this to Marijke Tiemersma (Coordinator Symbio Kunstprijs) The submission period closes on March 1, 2023.

More information

If you would like to contact us about the Symbio Kunstprijs, please email Marijke Tiemersma (coordinator)

Details kunstprijs 2023

Terms, criteria and registration form

Terms and criteria

  1. You register via a fully completed registration form and submit it no later than March 1st 2023.

  2. You are following or have completed a master's degree in visual arts in the Netherlands.

  3. You make promising work of high quality that shows in originality, expressiveness and craftsmanship.

  4. You know how to express your (conceptual) principles in a convincing and appropriate way, in form, material and technique.

  5. In your design you concretise which of the three focus areas of the Symbio foundation is the inspiration for your submission.

Selection procedure

Based on the above, the jury will select a winning design from the entries. In addition to the winning submission, the jury will select a maximum of two designs that deserve an honorable mention.

Cancellation clause 

If the winner of the Symbio Kunstprijs for no apparent reason does not comply with the pre-established terms, production agreements, planning or budget, the organisation of the prize may reclaim all or part of the prize money. Submission for the Symbio Kunstprijs means that you agree to this cancellation clause.

PR and communication around participation 
Submission for the Symbio Kunstprijs means that parties agree to the communication prior to, during and after the award ceremony as well as during the realisation and presentation of the artwork.


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